2010 Nobel-Pauling Biotech Symposium Agenda

Saturday May 1, 2010 (Agenda)

May 1, 2010

WEST meets NEW EAST & seeks global synergy (Biotech Pow Wow)

1:00 pm

Registration and networking

2:00 pm

Welcome and opening remarks
Dr. Grace Wong, CEO, ActoKine Therapeutics
Alex Pauling (Nobel-Pauling)
Welcome from American-Chinese Pharma-Biotech Association (Dr. Jinhe Li (Abbott); Dr. Ping Gao, Abbott; Dr. David He, Abbott; Dr. Liangjun Lu, MD (Abbott); Dr. Huailiang Wu, Dr. Xiangdong Xu and Dr. Gui-Dong Zhu (Abbott)
Short introduction
1. Prof Douglas Cork, IIT, MHRP/HJF and Walter Reed Army Institute of Research
2. Shadi Beidas, IIT; 3. Sukhraaj Basati, UIC
5. Jaganadharao Gundu, Northern Illinois University (NIU)
6. Thomas Hutch, College of Lake County

2:30 pm

Chair by Prof. Douglas Cork, IIT and Ken Hsu, Abbott

Career in biotechnology: academia vs. industry (biotech vs. pharma)
Short presentation & career panel discussion

1. Ken Hsu (Abbott); 2. Dr. Dan Toolsi (Abbott); Dr. Gui-Dong Zhu (Abbott)
Dr. Xiangdong Xu (Abbott); Dr. David He (Abbott); Dr. Jinhe Li (Abbott)
3. Valerie Benning and Malwina Serpa, In-Pipe Technology
5. Prof Ananda Chakrabarty, Distinguished University Professor, UIC
6. Prof Riaz-ul Haque, Founder, CEO, IIBBT
7. Prof. Rajendra Mehta, IIT Research Institute
8. Prof Peter Lykos, Professor of Chemistry, Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) 9. Prof Thomas Diekwisch, Prof & Head, Department of Oral Biology, UIC 10. Prof Douglas Cork, IIT, MHRP/HJF and Walter Reed Army Institute of Research "The US Military HIV-1 Research Program and the Quest for a Vaccine"

4:30 pm

Chair by Dr. Chris Hillier, CEO, Sistemic, Scotland and Donald Zinn, CEO, Aursos
Building biotech bridges between academia, Government and industry

1. Dr. Roger Bossé, Director, PerkinElmer
Seminar Title: "Industry/Academia Collaborations in a Global Environment: Challenges and Realizations"

Short presentations and panel discussion (Seeking global synergy)
2. Dr. James Krueger, Fitch Even Tabin & Flannery
3. Dr. Jerry Mathers, Alpharma
4. Donald Zinn, CEO, Aursos; 7. Dr. Sonia Wallman, NH
5. Jo-Anne Hongo, Genentech
6. Prof Ryffel Bernard, CSO, PhenoTec, France
7. Dr. Li-An Yeh, PhD, Director, Professor of Pharma Sciences, NC
8. Dr. Roald Bergstrom, Norway
9. Deb Becker, PerkinElmer
10. Leigh Mack, Manager, Heliamedical, USA

6:30 pm

Dinner presentation
WEST meets NEW EAST & seeks global synergy
Science brings people together
Jagriti Ritu Chander, Cardinal Intellectual Property, Chair
Michael DeFranco, PerkinElmer, Chair
1. Troy Groetken and Thomas Wimbiscus, McAndrews Held & Malloy
Seminar Title: "U.S. Patent Reform Update."

2. Dr. Rashmi Barbhaiya, CEO, Advinus Therapeutics, India
"Emergence of the New East in Addressing Pharma R & D Issues"

3. Dr. Ying Luo, CEO, Shanghai Genomics and GNI, China
Seminar Title: "Advance early leads from internal discovery, corporate collaboration, and academic projects into clinical trials in China."

Short presentations
4. Birger Sørensen, CEO, Bionor Immuno AS, Norway
5. Dr. Andreas Kage, CSO, AptaRes AG, Germany
6. Dr. Pascal Longchamp, Evolva SA, Switzerland
7. Dr. Carlos Buesa, CEO, Oryzon, Spain
8. Dr. Allan Liu, VP, Wanbang Biopharm, Shanghai, China
9. Dr. Kou-Wha Kuo, CEO, Taiwan
10. Prof Miroslaw Miller, CEO, Wroclawskie Centrum Badan, Poland
11. Frank Feller, Fresenius, Germany
12. Dr. Chris Hillier, CEO, Sistemic, Scotland 13. Dr. Stephen Lam, Richard Lam, HKSTP, Hong Kong
15. Dr. Whaijen Soo, MD PhD (former BiogenIdec & Shire)
16. Mark Campbell, VP, Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT)

8:30 pm

Smart pitch (Biotech who is who)
Mixing good business with exciting science and finding synergy globally
Dr. Guidong Zhu (Abbott); Dr. David He (Abbott); Dr. Jinhe Li (Abbott)
Dr. Liangjun Lu (Abbott); Xiangdong Xu (Abbott); Dr. Tariq Ghayur (Abbott)
Art Martinez (Abbott); Augustin Reyes (Abbott); Dr. Reinhard Ebner, ActoKine
Dr. Rainer Voegeli, Proteome Sciences, UK; Dr. Bill Cafruny, CTO, ActoKine
Chen Guo Liang, Dongguan; Dr. Yanjun Liu, Fudan-Zhangjiang, China
Kevin Zhou, CEO, SSTKBiotech, Shenzhen; Dr. Zhu Huaxing, CEO, Sinobio, China
Dr. Tomoyuki Igawa, Chugai Pharma, Japan; Professor Lyn Beazley, Australia
Lawrence Lin (Baxter); Joseph Wong (Baxter); Anto King, Student Vision
Dr. Zhijian Lu (Pfizer); Dr. Jason Xiang (Pfizer); Richard Shamon, Nobel-Pauling
Dr. John Matthias, Roche; Dr. Puah ChumMok, BioMax Technoloies, Singapore

9:00 pm

Building trust for global synergy (innovation & collaboration)
Concluding remark: Prof Douglas Cork
Concluding remark: Dr. Grace Wong, ActoKine, Boston

10:00 pm

Close of day 1

Sunday: May 2, 2010

May 2, 2010

Forum Theme (9 am to 5:30pm): Promoting partnership and collaboration between biotech/pharma industries in China and America to enrich our global pharmaceutical pipeline Presented by the American-Chinese Pharma-Biotech Association (ACPA), this forum aims to provide a dynamic platform and bridge for increasing communication between the US and China in all areas of biotechnology and the pharmaceutical industries.

8:30 AM

Registration and networking

9:00 AM

1. Dr. Gui-Dong Zhu, Abbott Lab, Chicago, Moderator
2. Dr. Jinhe Li, President, American-Chinese Pharma-Biotech Association (ACPA: Welcome and Introduction to ACPA
3. Consulate General of People’s Republic of China in Chicago, "The partnership and collaboration between biotech/pharma industries in China and America: a review and perspective"
4. Dr. Ming-Shang Kuo, Translational Sciences, Lilly Research Lab.

10:00 AM

Coffee Break & Networking, McCormick Tribune Campus Center, IIT, 3201 South State St, Chicago, IL 60616)


5. Dr. Jieyi Wang, PhD, Cancer Research, Abbott Lab, Chicago
"The Promise of Therapeutic Biologics"
6. Dr. Grace Wong, PhD, CEO, ActoKine Therapetics, Boston
"Identify AK-1 for Cancer and AK-2 for Protection against a Broad- spectrum of Viral Infections"
7. Prof. Zhongwu Guo, PhD, Dept of Chemistry, Wayne State University, Michigan, "Novel Carbohydrate-Based Cancer Vaccines and Immunotherapies"

12:20 pm

Lunch (free for registered attendees) and Networking

1:00 pm

Sponsor Seminars, Product Exhibition, and Networking

2:00 pm

Representatives From Chinese Delegates
8. Dr. Paul Mar, PhD, Chairman & CEO, Synchem Co.
"Ups and Downs of SynChem, Surviving in Outsourcing Chemistry Jungle"
9. Dr. Ping Gao, PhD, Director, Life Cycle Management, Abbott Lab, "Maximize drug delivery technologies for diversified and improved products: Innovation, challenges and opportunities"

3:50 pm

Coffee Break & Networking

4:10 pm

10. Hugo Xi, PhD, MBA, Senior Marketing Manager, Pharmaceutical Marketing, Baxter Healthcare, "Pharmaceutical Marketing: Today and Future"
11. Shaoxiong Chen, Vice President, Shanghai Federation of Economic Organization. "Future Trends and Perspectives in Shanghai’s Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industry"
Concluding remark: Jinhe Li, PhD (Abbott); Ping Gao, PhD; David He, PhD (Abbott); Liangjun Lu, MD (Abbott); Huailiang Wu, PhD; Xiangdong Xu (Abbott); Gui-Dong Zhu, PhD (Abbott)

6:00 pm

Banquet Dinner presentation (Furama, 2828 S Wentworth Ave, Chicago)
WEST meets NEW EAST & seeks globalsynergy
Welcome: Dr Grace Wong, CEO, ActoKine Therapeutics, Boston
Prof Douglas Cork, IIT and Moderators: Donald Zinn, CEO, Aursos, USA & Dr. Andreas Kage, CSO, AptaRes AG, Germany

1. Stéphane Hogan (MSc, MBA), Head of Unit - Coordination, Health Research Directorate, European Commission
Seminar Title: "Opportunities for EU-funded Collaborative Research"

2. Dr. Craig Eagle, VP, Oncology, Pfizer

Short presentation from CEO, Chair by Troy Groetken and Thomas Wimbiscus, McAndrews Held & Malloy

3. Christian Suojanen, Co-Chairman, TTS Ltd, United Kingdom Seminar Title:"A global initiative for technology transfer & innovation"
4. Dr. Morris Berrie (former Director of Strategy at Nature), Co-Chairman, TTS Ltd, United Kingdom

5. Leigh Mack, Manager, Heliamedical, USA
6. Dr. Andreas Kage, CSO, AptaRes AG, Germany
Seminar Title:"Aptamers – chemical antibodies for analytics and therapy"

7. Dr. Carlos Buesa, CEO, Oryzon, Spain
Seminar Title:"From genomic biomarkers to leads in CNS and Cancer"

8. Dr. Chris Hillier, CEO, Sistemic, Scotland
9. Dr. Allan Liu, VP, Wanbang Biopharm, Shanghai
10. Donald Zinn, CEO, Aursos, USA
11. Birger Sørensen, CEO, Bionor Immuno AS, Norway
12. Dr. Puah ChumMok, Founder, BioMax Technoloies, Singapore
13. Kevin Zhou, CEO, SSTKBiotech, Shenzhen, China
14. Dr. Blessed Okole, CEO, Lifelab, South Africa
15. Dr. Kou-Wha Kuo, CEO, Taiwan
16. Dr. Lindsay Woods, CEO, Proteome, Australia
17. Chip Allee, CEO, Ceuticalsoft (former CEO of ActoKine)
18. Dr. Benjamin Lee, CEO, Comprehensive Drug Enterprises, Hong Kong

8:30 pm

Smart pitch from International chiefs- WEST meets NEW EAST
Concluding remark: Prof Douglas Cork, IIT
Concluding remark: Dr. Grace Wong, CEO, ActoKine Therapeutics, Boston

9:30 pm

Close of day 2

12th Nobel Pauling Biotech Symposium: CEO Pow-Wow - May 4-5, 2007, MIT Faculty Club
Agenda & Photos

Day 1 Friday May 4, 2007 (Agenda)

May 4, 2007

Mixing good business with exciting science and finding synergy globally

2:00 pm

Registration (Coffee & Tea: 2pm to 9pm )

3:00 pm

Welcome and opening remarks
Dr. Grace Wong, CSO, ActoKine Therapeutics (5 min)
Smart pitch by CEO or the international chiefs
Ron Vincent, CEO, Bioconscientific, Moderator "what is a Pow-Wow"
Michael Goldberg, MIT (Dr Pauling was a true genius, 5 min)

4:00 pm

Keynote presentation
Dr. Andrew Denker MD, PhD. Sr. Director, Clinical Pharmacology, Merck
Seminar Title: Phase I Studies: a Worldwide Approach (45 min)
Dr. Jeremy Levin, DPhil , MB BChir. Global Head, Novartis
Dr. James N Little PhD, Former Waters, Zymark and Cetek (Chair)
Dr. Jeffrey Moore, PhD, MBA, Kauffman Fellow, RCT BioVentures (chair)

5:30 pm

Networking (smart pitch)
Speaker Group photo (5 min) for Dr Linus Pauling Jr.

6:00 pm

Dr. Xian Lu Qu, Xianlu, Merck (Chair)
Dr. Glenn Rice, PhD, CEO, XinBridge, China (Chair)
Dr. Blessed Okole PhD, CEO, Lifelab , South Africa
Seminar title: " South African Biotechnology Industry An Emerging Bioeconomy"
Dr. Zhenping Zhu MD, PhD Vice President, ImClone
Seminar title: "Development of antibody cancer therapeutics at ImClone".
Corie Lok Senior Editor, Nature Network
Dr. James Zhu PhD Partner, Perkins Coie
Dr. Stephen Lam PhD, MBA, Head, Biotechnology, HKSTP
Seminar title: Hong Kong Science Park - it’s about the Business of Science

7:30 pm

Dinner Keynote presentation
Dr Kai Wu, PhD, Novartis (Chair)
Jim Sherblom, Managing General Partner, Seaflower Ventures
Seminar title: "Venture Capital: locally funding for worldwide markets"
Short Presentation by CEO or the international chiefs

8:30 pm

Smart pitch (Biotech who is who) Networking

9:00 pm

Close of day 1 & Transportation to Hotel

Day 2 Saturday: May 5, 2007

May 5, 2007

"The promise of the Biotechnology: Doing & investing R & D globally"

8:00 am

Networking with Dim Sum Breakfast

9:00 am

Welcome: Grace Wong PhD, CSO, ActoKine Therapeutics (5 min)

9:30 am
11:30 am

Dr. Zhijian Lu PhD Associate Director, Wyeth (Chair)
Dr. Arthur Coury, Ph.D. VP, Genzyme
Seminar title: "Genzyme: A Highly Diversified Medical Products Company" (45 min)
Dr. Makarand Jawadekar Director, Pfizer, CT
Seminar Title: "The East is new West" (20 min)
Dr. Amanda Caples Director-Biotech, State Government of Victoria, Australia
Seminar title: "Biotech opportunities in Melbourne-Australia"(20 min)

12:00 am

Lunch presentation
Dr. Dilip Limaye PhD, CEO, Indipharm, India
Seminar title: Clinical Trials: The Next Frontier in US-India Cooperation (20 min)
Li Hang Deputy Director General, SSL Sci and Tech Park, Dongguan, China
Dr. Chris Song PhD, MBA, Applied Biosystems, China
Title: "Pharmaceutical R&D and preclinical Services in China" (20 min)

2:00 pm
4:00 pm

Lunch- presentation & panel discussion (Doing & investing R & D globally)
Dr. Lorenz Ng MD, CEO, Global Ng Associates, Former VP, Eli Lilly Asia (Moderator)
Dr. Zach Jonasson, PhD, Senior Principal, Seaflower Ventures
Dr. Claude Ranoux, PhD, CEO, BioXcell, France
Dr. Christoph Hüls PhD, CEO, Protagen AG, Germany
"UNIarray: systematic discovery and verification of novel antibody signatures suitable as biomarkers"
Dr. Richard Gill PhD, CEO, ProNAi Therapeutics, USA
"Proprietary Nucleic Acid Based Interfering Technology (DNAi)"
Lance Han MBA, CEO, Cyagen, Guangzhou, China
Qiang Yu, PhD, CEO, Shanghai Ambrosia Pharmaceutical, China
Dr Frank Lee CEO, Dragonfly, Shanghai, China
Dr. David Irving PhD, CEO, Diabetes Vaccine Development Centre, Australia
"DVDC - bridging the gap: type 1 diabetes immunotherapeutics"
Dr. Choong-Chin Liew PhD, Chief Scientist, GeneNews, Toronto , Canada
"Doing Biotech R&D Globally: Blood Transcriptome Mirrors Molecular Signature of Disease"
Presentation from other international chiefs
Drs. Steve Gullans, CEO, Rx-gen, David He, Abbott , Chuck Caprariello, Ranbaxy, India

4:00 pm


4:30 pm
6:00 pm

Edward Brennan COO, Indipharm, India (Chair)
Xhinan Xia, Wyeth
Jianling Wang PhD, Novartis Institute
Dr. Reinhard Ebner PhD, Avalon Pharmaceuticals (Chair)
Kevin Cronin CEO, Techlawglobal, Beijing, China
Title: "The Tao of the Deal: Lessons Learned from Pharma Projects in Asia"
Iskandar Mizal Mahmood, CEO, Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation
Kevin Zhou MBA, CEO, SSTK Biotech, Shenzhen, China
Huo Li, PhD, Biogen-Idec & Patricia Turney, Director, R&D Strategic Operations, Amgen
Dr. Stephen Ip, PhD, Sr. VP, TaiGen, Taiwan
Title: "Biotech Research in Taiwan: Opportunities and Challenges"

6:30 pm

Banquet Dinner Keynote Presentation
Carlos Genardini CEO, Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks
Title: "Reality Check-Can Entrepreneurs Succeed in China's Life Science Business"


Short Presentation by CEO or the international chiefs
Dr. Lindsay Woods, Proteome, Australia
Jean-François Mouney, CEO, Genfit Corp, France

8:30 pm
9:00 pm

Smart pitch (Biotech who is who) Concluding remark and Networking & Close of day 2

9:00 pm

Transportation to Hotel

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Cytokines and Angiogenesis: Academia vs. Industry for New drug discovery
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Genomics for New Target Identification: Biotech vs. Big Pharma
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Cytokine Genomics and RNAi for New Target Validation
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