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8. Nobel Pauling Academia-Biotech-Pharma Symposium: NatureJobs

Feb 26, Sunday
Building a bridge between academia & industry
10 am to 5 pm
MIT Faculty Club (Phone: 617-253-2111)
9 - 10 am Registration + Booth Exhibition + Breakfast
10:00 am Welcome: Dr. Grace Wong, CSO, ActoKine Therapeutics
10:10 am
Short Seminars
Dr. Adam Bell, CoGenesys, A Division of Human Genome Sciences
Dr. Sergey Ilyin, Johnson & Johnson - Functional Informatics
Dr. Christopher Miller, Wyeth - Using RNAi in target ID and validation
Dr. Elizabeth Abraham, ViaCell
11:10 am
Short Seminars
Professor Jerry Yang, University of Connecticut
Soumyaroop Bhattacharya Harvard (Microarray)
Dr. Grace Wong, ActoKine Therapeutics (Prevention of bird flu infection)
Professor Bill Cafruny, USD (ActoKine-2: antiviral protection in Pig)
12:10 am Networking + Booth Exhibition + Buffet Dim Sum
1:00 pm Panel discussion: Research collaboration and innovation: opportunities & challenges in academia vs. biotech vs. pharma
Speakers > 12 speakers from Academia, Biotech & Pharma
2:30 pm Networking + Booth Exhibition + Buffet Dim Sum
3:00 pm
Career Panel discussion:
Moderator: Dr. Paul Smaglik, NatureJobs Editor
Planting seeds and getting a foot in the door: Academia vs. Biotech vs. Big Pharma
> 12 Speakers from Academia, Biotech and Big Pharma
4:30 pm Start pitch, Public Mentors, Concluding Remarks: Dr. Paul Smaglik, NatureJobs Editor
5 pm – 6 pm

Networking + Booth Exhibition + Buffet Dinner

MIT Faculty Club: 50 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, 1-617-253-2111
MIT Hotel: 20 Sidney St, Cambridge, 1-800-709-7666

Academia-biotech-pharma experts

Academia Speakers: Dr. Paul Smaglik Naturejob Editor
Soumyaroop Bhattacharya, Harvard
Professor Bill Cafruny, University of South Dakota
Professor Jerry Yang, Dr. Myrna Watanabe, University of Connecticut
Professor Roderick Jensen, BioTech Center, University Mass Boston
Professor Ming Chiu FUNG, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Dr. Benny Zee, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Biotech Speakers: Dr. Grace Wong, ActoKine Therapeutics
Dennis France, Arqule
Dr. Gunther Winkler, Biogen-Idec
Dr. James Leung, Biomeasure (French Pharma)
Dr. Marsha Paul, Caliper Life Science
Dr. Adam Bell, CoGenesys (HGS spin out)
Dr. Canwen Jiang & Dr. Huawei Qiu, Genzyme
Dr. James Wang, Hypromatrix
Dr. Eric Xing & Dr. Shiu Fun Pang, CK Life Sciences, Hong Kong
Dr. Norrie Russell, Invitrogen
Dr. Reinhard Ebner, Avalon Pharmaceuticals
Dr. Steve Arkinstall, Dr. Ben Askew, Serono
Dr. Kenneth Dillon, Spectrum Bioscience
Dr. Michael Kinch, MedImmune
Dr. Keith Robison & Dr. Frank Hsieh, Millennium Pharmaceuticals
Pharma Speakers: Dr. Scott Wadsworth, Dr. Bob Zivin, Dr. Sergey Ilyin, Dr. Nuwan Kurukulasuriya, Johnson & Johnson
Dr. Yong Jia, Dr. David He & Dr. Joanne Kamens, Abbott
Dr. Brian Wong, Roche
Dr. Christopher Sampson, AstraZeneca
Dr. Jason A. Slusher, Site Head, Sanofi-Aventis
Dr. Leyu Wang, Dr. Yuan-Hua Ding, Dr. Rajiv Shukla, Pfizer
Dr. Chandrika Kumar, Dr. Jun Han, Dr. Dejan Bojanic, Novartis
Dr. Christopher Miller, Dr. ZhiJian Lu, Dr. Gangfeng Xu, Wyeth
Dr. Lex Van der Ploeg, Dr. Reid J. Leonard, Dr. Laura Chavez-Noriega, Merck
Other: Dr. Paul Smaglik, NatureJobs Editor, Dr. Ben Crowe, NatureJobs
Dr. Sheila Reardon, Nature Publishing Group
Dyke Hendrickson & Christopher Smith, Mass High Tech

7th Nobel Pauling Symposium
Carlos Genardini Hong Kong Science Park
John Lo, OBE, JP, PhD Hong Kong Science Park
Bill Cafruny, PhD University of South Dakota
Jerry Yang, PhD University of Connecticut
Ming Chiu Fung, PhD CUHK
Ricky K.N. Leung, PhD CUHK
Mak Nai Ki, PhD, Hong Kong Baptist Univesity
Benny Zee, PhD CUHK
Soumyaroop Bhattacharya Harvard
Paul Smaglik, PhD NatureJob Editor
Dyke Hendrickson, Mass High Tech
Myrna E. Watanabe, PhD Science writer
Kenneth J. Dillon, PhD Spectrum Bioscience
Gunther Winkler, PhD VP, Biogen-Idec
Huo Li, PhD Biogen-Idec,
Dennis France, VP, Arqule
Steve Gullans, PhD Rx-gen
Kevin Li, PhD Fountain Pharmaceuticals
James Wang, PhD Hypromatrix
Michael Kinch, PhD MedImmune
Xinhua Li, PhD Genzyme
Canwen Jiang, PhD Genzyme
Seng H. Cheng, Ph.D Genzyme
Huawei Qiu, PhD Genzyme
Reinhard Ebner, PhD Avalon Pharmaceuticals
Marsha Paul, PhD Caliper Life Science
William R. Shek, PhD, Charles River Lab.
Adam Bell, PhD CoGenesys (HGS) 
David Merberg, PhD Cell Signaling Technology
Elizabeth Abraham, PhD ViaCell
Feb 23-26, 2006
Lex Van der Ploeg, PhD Merck
Robert Gould, PhD Merck
Laura Chavez-Noriega, PhD Merck
Reid Leonard, PhD Senior Director, Merck
James Leung, PhD Biomeasure
Norrie Russell, PhD Invitrogen
Scott Wadsworth, PhD Johnson & Johnson
Bob Zivin, PhD Johnson & Johnson
Sergey Ilyin, MD, PhD Johnson & Johnson
Philip J. Vickers, PhD Pfizer
Ralph H. Lambalot, PhD Pfizer
Ajith Kamath, PhD Associate Director, Pfizer
Rajiv Shukla, PhD Pfizer
Yuan-Hua Ding, PhD  Pfizer
Leyu Wang, PhD Pfizer
Brian Wong, PhD Roche
Yong Jia, PhD Abbott
David He, PhD Abbott
Joanne Kamens, PhD Abbott
Jun Han, PhD Novartis
Chandrika Kumar, PhD Novartis
Dejan Bojanic, PhD Novartis
Christopher P. Miller, PhD Wyeth
ZhiJian Lu, PhD  Wyeth
Gangfeng Xu, PhD, MBA  Wyeth
Christopher Sampson, Manager, AstraZeneca
Jason A. Slusher, Site Head, Sanofi-Aventi
Ben Askew, PhD Serono
Timothy Wells, PhD Serono
Steve Arkinstall, PhD Serono
Keith Robison, PhD Millennium
Frank Hsieh, PhD Millennium
Grace Wong, PhD ActoKine Therapeutics

We sincerely hope you and your colleagues will be able to participate in this 7th Pauling Symposium.
A mixture of business with science from academia and industry, USA and Hong Kong-China.

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