Dr. Eric D. Lombardini, Chief, Division of Comparative Pathology, Veterinary Sciences Dept, Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute (AFRRI) and Lieutenant Colonel NANETTE PATTON, LTC, MS, Joint Product Manager, Medical Identification & Treatment Systems (MITS) (Photo taken by Dr. Grace Actokine at AFRRI Radiation Symposium on June 15, 2011).

Lieutenant Colonel NANETTE PATTON's advice: "Develop and apply your talents on projects and efforts that serve the common good of the inhabitants of the world."

NANETTE S. PATTON, LTC, MS, Joint Product Manager
MITS (July 25, 2011)

Lieutenant Colonel NANETTE PATTON and Dr. Grace Wong, CEO of ActoKine Therapeutics, photo taken at Radiation Symposium at AFRRI, June 15, 2011

Dr. Guihang Zhang (former HGS) is now at Astellas and Dr. Grace ActoKine (Photo taken at Washington DC, 2008)

January 2004

November, 2003, New Jersey

October, 21, 2003, LRIG Boston, MA

October, 2003, Boston, MA

August 12-14, 2003, Boston, MA

August 1, 2003, New Jersey

June 23-25, 2003, Washington DC

May, 2003, Boston, MA

Other 2003 Biotech Conferences

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