2010 Nobel-Pauling Biotech Symposium speakers
WEST meets new EAST & seeks global synergy-Speakers from USA, Europe & Asia

2010 Nobel Pauling Symposium Speakers

Mr. Stéphane HoganMSc, MBA. Head of Coordination Unit, Directorate Health, DG Research, European Commission.

Dr. Roger BosséPh.D PerkinElmer, Canada

Troy A. GroetkenShareholder, McAndrews Held & Malloy LTD

Dr. Rashmi H. BarbhaiyaCEO, Managing Director and co-founder Advinus Therapeutics, India

Dr. Allan Riting LiuMD, PhD, MBA. Vice President, Wanbang Biopharmaceutical Group, Director of Business Development, Fosun Pharma Group

Dr. Ying LuoChairman and CEO Shanghai Genomics Inc, GNI Ltd, China

Birger SørensenCEO, Bionor Immuno AS, Norway

Dr. Andreas KageCSO, AptaRes AG, Germany

Prof Douglas J. CorkIIT & MHRP/HJF, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research

Dr. Chei-Hsiang ChenDirector, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industries Program Office (BPIPO)

Dr. Rajendra MehtaAssistant VP and Head of the Cancer Biology, Head of Drug Discovery Divisions at IIT Research Institute

Prof Dr. Jaap GoudsmitCSO, Crucell, The Netherlands

Dr. Grace WongCEO, ActoKine Therapeutics, Boston, USA

About Dr. Linus Pauling, (1901-1994)
Dr. Linus Pauling's Life Chronology

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2003 to 2009 Nobel Pauling Symposium Speakers

Dr. Jeremy Levin D Phil, MB B. Chir, Global Head of Business Development and Strategic Alliances for Novartis

Dr. Andrew Denker MD, PhD. Senior Director, Clinical Pharmacology, Merck Research Laboratories
Title: Phase I Studies: a Worldwide Approach

Jim Sherblom Managing General Partner, Seaflower Ventures

Dr. Arthur J. Coury Ph.D, Vice President, Biomaterials Research, Genzyme

Mr Carlos Genardini Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks
Seminar Title: "Reality Check--Can Entrepreneurs Succeed in China's Life Science Business

Dr. Makarand Jawadekar Director, Pfizer
Seminar Title: "The East is new West"

Dr. Zhenping Zhu MD, PhD Vice President, ImClone

Dr. Manfred Auer PhD., Executive Director, Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research GmbH & Co KG

Ms. Chen Xiaohui General Director, Economy & Trade Development Bureau, Songshan Lake Science and Technology Industry Park, Dongguan, China

Mr. Li Hang Deputy Director General, Techonology & Education Development Bureau, Songshan Lake Science and Technology Industry Park, Dongguan, China

Dr Chris Song PhD, MBA, Applied Biosystems, China

Dr Dilip Limaye PhD, CEO, Indipharm, India

Dr. James Zhu PhD Partner, Perkins Coie

Dr. Claude G Biava MD, PhD, CMO, ActoKine Therapeutics

Dr. Benjamin Lee PhD, CEO, Comprehensive Drug Enterprises, Hong Kong

Prof. Moses Chow PhD, Professor, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Dr. Robert Zivin Corporate Director, Johnson & Johnson

Dr. Steven R. Gullans CEO & co-founder, RxGen

Dr. Amanda Caples Director-Biotechnology, State Government of Victoria, Australia

Dr. David Irving PhD, CEO, Diabetes Vaccine Development Centre, Australia

Kerry Doyle Executive Director, NSW Office for Science and Medical Research

Mr. Ali Hussein CEO, Science24Seven, LLC, Cambridge, USA

Dr. Lorenz Ng M.D, Managing Partner, Global Ng Associates, LLC, Former VP, Eli Lilly Asia

Dr. Stephen Lam PhD, MBA, Head, Biotechnology, HKSTP

Dr. Richard Gill Ph.D. CEO, ProNAi Therapeutics, USA

Dr. Blessed Okole PhD, CEO, Lifelab, South Africa

Glenn Rice, PhD, CEO, XinBridge, China

Claude Ranoux M.D., M.S., Founder, President and CEO, BioXcell, France

Mr. Jean-François Mouney Chairman and CEO, Founder, Genfit Corp, France

Dr. Qiang Yu PhD, CEO, Ambrosia Pharmaceutical Co, Shanghai, China

Mr. Lance Han M. Eng, MBA: CEO, Cyagen, Guangzhou, China

Dr. Yaozhou Shi PhD, VP, Shanghai Biochip, China

Dr. Maggie Zhang Clinical Trial Design and Management, Johnson & Johnson, PA, USA

Dr. Christoph Hüls PhD - CEO, Protagen AG, Germany

Dr. Stefan Müllner PhD - CSO, Protagen AG, Germany

Dr. Chuck Caprariello Ranbaxy Labs. Ltd., India

Mr. Sridhar Mosur CEO & President, Jubilant Biosys Ltd., New Delhi and Bangalore, India

Dr James N Little senior executive, Former Waters, Zymark and Cetek

Kevin Zhou MBA, CEO, SSTK Biotech, Shenzhen, China

Mr. Karl Handelsman Managing Director, CMEA Ventures

Dr. Kevin Li Ph.D Partner, HBM BioMed China

Dr. Bing Wong CEO, Advantek Biologics, Hong Kong

Dr. Albert C. H. Yu CEO, HKDNA Chips, Bejing, China

Dr. Stephen H. Ip Ph.D.Senior Vice President, Global Business Development, TaiGen, Taiwan

Dr. Zhijian Lu PhD Associate Director, Wyeth

Dr. Wei-Wei Zhang MD, PhD, founder, President and CEO, GenWay Biotech, USA

Gordon Vehar PhD VP of Research, Raven Biotechnologies, SSF, CA, USA

Choong-Chin Liew PhD, Chief Scientist, GeneNews, Toronto, Canada

Dr. Frank Liu, PhD, AstraZeneca

Dr. Subhash Dhawan, PhD, Senior Investigator, Center for Biologics, FDA

Dr. Reinhard Ebner PhD, Director of Research, Avalon Pharmaceuticals

Dr. Kenneth C. Carter PhD, President & CEO of Avalon Pharmaceuticals

Dr. Yupeng David He PhD Abbott Laboratories

Dr. Jeff Moore PhD, MBA, Kauffman Fellow, RCT BioVentures

Dr. Paul Smaglik Naturejob Editor

Dr. Andy Peng Xiang COO, Cyagen

Dr. Timothy Wells PhD, Former Head of Research, MerckSerono

Dr. Zach Jonasson Ph.D. - Senior Principal, Seaflower Ventures

Dr. Steve Arkinstall PhD, Head of Discovery, EMDSerono

Dr Frank Lee CEO, Dragonfly, Shanghai, China

Huo Li, PhD Biogen-Idec

Mr. Iskandar Mizal Mahmood Chief Executive Officer, BiotechCorp

Dr. Thomas Li Head of Asia Pacific Technology Management, Roche, Singapore

Corie Lok Senior Editor, Nature Network

Patricia Turney Director, R&D Strategic Operations, Amgen

Mr. Kevin Cronin CEO, Techlawglobal, Beijing, China

Edward Brennan COO, Indipharm, India

Matthew Levy MBA, Director, Applied Biosystems, Beijing, China

Dr. Zhi-Qiang Ning MD., PhD, Co-founder, Chipscreen, Shenzhen, China

Dr. Andrew Marshall PhD, Nature Biotechnology

Dr Mark Farmery PhD, Team leader, Astrazeneca, Sderlje, Sweden

Dr. Grace Wong PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, ActoKine Therapeutics
11th Nobel Pauling Symposium Speakers

Mr Carlos Genardini Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks
Dr. Napoleone Ferrara Genentech Fellow, Molecular Oncology, Genentech
Dr. Ellen Filvaroff Scientist Molecular Oncology, Genentech
Mr. Thomas H. Bliss, Jr. International Licensing, Amgen
Dr. Mao Mao Associate Director, Merck
Professor Johan PE Karlberg MD, PhD, BSc, Director, Clinical Trials Centre, University of Hong Kong
Dr. Thomas Li Head of Asia Pacific Technology Management, Roche Singapore
Dr. Brian Wong MD, PhD, Director, Roche
Dr. Jingsong Wang MD, PhD, Associate Director, Wyeth PA
Eric Morfin PMP, PMO Director, Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics
Dr. Jonathan Liu DVM, PhD, Director, MedImmune
Rick Bott PhD, Staff Scientist, Genencor (Danisco)
Dr. Charles Hsu PhD, MBA, Venture Partner
Mr. Karl Handelsman Managing Director, CMEA Ventures
Dr. Grace Wong PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, ActoKine Therapeutics

The goal is to build a bridge between academia and industry between USA, Europe, Australia and Asia

8th, 9th & 10th Nobel Pauling Symposium Speakers

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Carlos Genardini Hong Kong Science Park
John Lo, OBE, JP, PhD Hong Kong Science Park
Bill Cafruny, PhD University of South Dakota
Jerry Yang, PhD University of Connecticut
Ming Chiu Fung, PhD CUHK
Ricky K.N. Leung, PhD CUHK
Mak Nai Ki, PhD, Hong Kong Baptist Univesity
Benny Zee, PhD CUHK
Soumyaroop Bhattacharya Harvard
Paul Smaglik, PhD NatureJob Editor
Dyke Hendrickson, Mass High Tech
Myrna E. Watanabe, PhD Science writer
Kenneth J. Dillon, PhD Spectrum Bioscience
Gunther Winkler, PhD VP, Biogen-Idec
Huo Li, PhD Biogen-Idec,
Dennis France, VP, Arqule
Steve Gullans, PhD Rx-gen
Kevin Li, PhD Fountain Pharmaceuticals
James Wang, PhD Hypromatrix
Michael Kinch, PhD MedImmune
Xinhua Li, PhD Genzyme
Canwen Jiang, PhD Genzyme
Seng H. Cheng, Ph.D Genzyme
Huawei Qiu, PhD Genzyme
Reinhard Ebner, PhD Avalon Pharmaceuticals
Marsha Paul, PhD Caliper Life Science
William R. Shek, PhD, Charles River Lab.
Adam Bell, PhD CoGenesys (HGS) 
David Merberg, PhD Cell Signaling Technology
Elizabeth Abraham, PhD ViaCell
Lex Van der Ploeg, PhD Merck
Robert Gould, PhD Merck
Laura Chavez-Noriega, PhD Merck
Reid Leonard, PhD Senior Director, Merck
James Leung, PhD Biomeasure
Norrie Russell, PhD Invitrogen
Scott Wadsworth, PhD Johnson & Johnson
Bob Zivin, PhD Johnson & Johnson
Sergey Ilyin, PhD Johnson & Johnson
Philip J. Vickers, PhD Pfizer
Ralph H. Lambalot, PhD Pfizer
Ajith Kamath, PhD Associate Director, Pfizer
Rajiv Shukla, PhD Pfizer
Yuan-Hua Ding, PhD  Pfizer
Leyu Wang, PhD Pfizer
Brian Wong, PhD Roche
Yong Jia, PhD Abbott
David He, PhD Abbott
Joanne Kamens, PhD Abbott
Jun Han, PhD Novartis
Chandrika Kumar, PhD Novartis
Dejan Bojanic, PhD Novartis
Christopher P. Miller, PhD Wyeth
ZhiJian Lu, PhD  Wyeth
Gangfeng Xu, PhD, MBA  Wyeth
Christopher Sampson, Manager, AstraZeneca
Jason A. Slusher, Site Head, Sanofi-Aventi
Ben Askew, PhD Serono
Timothy Wells, PhD Serono
Steve Arkinstall, PhD Serono
Keith Robison, PhD Millennium
Frank Hsieh, PhD Millennium
Grace Wong, PhD ActoKine Therapeutics
Linus Pauling Keynote Speakers
Alexander Rich, MD MIT
Louis Tartaglia, PhD Millenium
Timothy Wells, PhD Serono
Steve Arkinstall, PhD Serono
Dalia Cohen, PhD Novartis
Robert Allen Lewis, MD Aventis
Steve Wiley, PhD Amgen
Napoleone Ferrara, PhD Genentech
Jeffrey Browning, PhD Biogen
Wolfgang Ketterle, PhD MIT
Eugene L. Brown, PhD Wyeth
Dr. Leroy Hood, MD, PhD Inst. for Systems Biology
Lex Van der Ploeg, PhD Merck

Pharmaceutical Companies
John Zawad, PhD Aventis
Scott Wadsworth, PhD Johnson & Johnson
Francis Xavier Farrell, PhD Johnson & Johnson
Kuldeep Neote, PhD Pfizer
Shi-Chung Ng, PhD Abbott
Kevin Xie, PhD Bayer
Sridaran Natesan, PhD Aventis
Lee Babiss, PhD Hoffmann-La Roche
Alexander Sasha Kamb, PhD Novartis Institute
Joanne Kamens, PhD Abbott
Suxing Liu, PhD Schering-Plough
Jeanette Wood, PhD Novartis
Jacky Vonderscher, PhD Novartis
Thomas Seng-Lai Tan, PhD Eli Lilly & Company
Suresh B. Singh, PhD Merck
Anton Beletskii, PhD Abbott
Michael A. Mallamaci, PhD AstraZeneca
Jianling Wang, PhD Novartis Institute
Hing Leung Sham, PhD Abbott

Privately Held Biotech Companies

Reinhard Ebner, PhD Avalon Pharmaceuticals
Brent L. Kreider, PhD Akceli
Kenneth Carter, PhD Avalon Pharmaceuticals
James Strickler, PhD Suntory Pharmaceuticals
Yat Sun Or, PhD Enanta Pharmaceuticals
Pat Gray, PhD MacroGenics
Andrew Mazar, PhD Attenuon LLC
Jeffrey Peterson Target Discovery
Lynn Doucette-Stamm, PhD Agencourt Bioscience
Martin A. Wasserman, PhD AtheroGenics
Karoly Nikolich, PhD AGY Therapeutics
Steven R Gullans, PhD US Genomics
Jennifer Shore StemCell Technologies
Frank Y. Xie, PhD Intradigm Corporation
David Merberg, PhD Cell Signaling Technology
John Maraganore, PhD Alnylam
Jeffrey Hillman, DMD, PhD IviGene
Randall K. Wetzel, PhD Cell Signaling Technology
Jeff Brockman, PhD Psychiatric Genomics
Gordon Vehar, PhD Raven Biotechnologies
Arnon Rosenthal, PhD Rinat Neuroscience
Frank Striggow, PhD KeyNeurotek
Mark Tepper, PhD Araios
Sunkwei Huang, PhD ActivBiotics
Amy L. Rubinstein, PhD Zygogen
Kathy Hehir TranXenoGen
Erdogan Memili, PhD GTC Biotherapeutics
Daniel Hu, PhD Bonature
James Wang, PhD Hypromatrix

Cytokine Companies
Linda Burkly, PhD Biogen
Meena Subramanyam, PhD Biogen
Martin Scott, PhD Biogen
Matthew Cooper, PhD Biogen
Richard L. Cate, PhD Biogen
Dinah W. Sah, PhD Biogen
Akshay K. Vaishnaw, MD, MRCP, PhD Biogen
Marianne T. Sweetser, MD, PhD Biogen
Diane Pennica, PhD Genentech
Hans-Peter Gerber, PhD
Thomas D. Wu, MD, PhD Genentech
Andrew Chan, MD, PhD Genentech
Grace Wong, PhD ActoKine Therapeutics

Publicly Held Biotech Companies
David Leung, PhD Cell Therapeutics
Tomi Sawyer, PhD ARIAD Pharmaceuticals
Kevin Foley, PhD Millennium
David White, PhD Millennium
Keith Robison, PhD Millennium
Zhenping Zhu, MD, PhD ImClone Systems
Irina Agoulnik, PhD Millennium
Tarif A. Awad, PhD Affymetrix
Brian Zambrowicz, PhD Lexicon Genetics
Timothy Hoey, PhD Tularik
Roy Pollock, PhD ARIAD Pharmaceuticals
John Randle, PhD Vertex Pharmaceuticals
Mark Namchuk, PhD Vertex Pharmaceuticals
Juan A. Ruiz, PhD, MBA Transkaryotic Therapies

Academic and Other Institutions
Sonia Sparks Wallman, PhD NH Biotech Council
Sonia Guterman, PhD Mintz Levin
Tolleiv Trimborn, PhD Life Sciences Partners VC
Sunny Tam, PhD Charles River Lab
Andy Bhattacharjee, PhD Agilent
James Lyons-Weiler, PhD University of Pittsburgh
Shuguang Zhang, PhD MIT
Kim Seth, PhD Harvard
Iain Campbell, PhD Scripps
David Vaux, MD, PhD Walter & Eliza Hall Institute
Li-An Yeh, PhD Harvard
Andrew Marshall, PhD Nature Biotechnology
Arthur Pardee, PhD Harvard
King Li, MD NIH Clinical Center
Howard Martin Fillit, MD The Aging Institute
Irene Bosch, PhD UMASS Medical School
Lee Marshall Ellis, MD Anderson Cancer Center
Thomas D Gilmore, PhD Boston University
Seth Cohen, PhD LRIG
Mark Kon, PhD Boston University
John J. Rossi, PhD City of Hope
Pavel Hradecky, MD Harvard University
Jeremy Zucker Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Advice from experts
Richard Gregory, PhD Genzyme
Alex Harris, PhD Chiron
Michael Kinch, PhD MedImmune
David G. Lowe, PhD Skyline Ventures
Bruce Stillman, PhD Cold Spring Harbor
David Baltimore, PhD Caltech
Charles M. Vest, PhD former President of MIT
Michael Brown, PhD Southwestern Medical School
David de Kretser, MD Monash Institute
Jordan S. Pober, MD, PhD Yale University
Sir Gus Nossal, former Head of WEHI Institute

If you would like to be involved with the 2007 Pauling Symposium please email Alex Pauling at alex at pauling.us.

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