The Mission of Linus Pauling Biotech Symposium

Goal: mixing good business with exciting science globally and finding synergy

Let your candle light the path for others

Pauling Vision inspires people of all ages in biotechnology

Goals of Pauling Symposium:

1) To provide opportunities for people from academia, government, biotechnology companies, and pharmaceutical companies to become acquainted for future collaborations and business agreements,

2) To share cutting edge developments in biotechnology for new drug discovery and mix business with science globally and finding synergy between USA, Europe, Australia, Africa, Europe & Asia

The goal is to build a bridge between academia, government and industry, and to mix good business with exciting science globally 

Linus Pauling Biotech Symposium (Biotech Pow-wow):

WHAT IS A Biotech POW-WOW? The Pow-wow is a time to gather international chiefs, CEO, CSO, COO, CMO, CFO, VP, Directors & leaders together to meet old friends and make new ones through exciting science (to solve problems). It will be a rich occasion to reaffirm the joy of life, reconnect with life science and celebrate the living culture of the biotechnology (for new drug discovery, small molecules & biologics). Come to powwow and mix good business with exciting science in USA, Australia, Africa, Taiwan, India & HK-China, mix the WEST with the EAST, the South and the North.

Why Biotech Pow-Wow: The overall goal of our program is to provide opportunities for people to increase their awareness of the growing Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical industries in Asia and the opportunities for synergy between USA, Europe, Australia, Africa & Asia.

What: Our program is designed to facilitate the sharing of information and insight with some of the leaders of the global biotech and pharmaceutical industries. Seminars by business executives and scientific directors on biotech issues are augmented by opportunities to network, interact socially and establish personal relationships between people from all parts of the globe and from all levels of scientific research.

Where: Our symposium will be held just before the BIO-2010 (Chicago), to take advantage of the fact that many of the leaders of the global industry will be coming to town to attend that conference, and while they are here, they can contribute their time and expertise to our program for people who will not be able to attend Bio-2010. We provide an opportunity for biotech people in the area to learn from and interact with key players in the global R&D industry, particularly in relation to the markedly expanding opportunities in the biologics industry.

Who: We will be hosting biotech pharma experts for our seminars and panel discussions. They will be able to provide first-hand, timely insight into issues related to expanding or entering into R&D in biologics. Opportunities to meet and network with these leaders will be ample, during the coffee and tea break and networking lunch and dinner meetings. This meeting will provide a unique opportunity to jump-start development strategies in the Asian sector, as well as the chance to learn about the most dynamic and rapidly-expanding areas for biologics research and development. India and China are certain to become leaders in the global industry, and our meeting will allow interested parties from around the world the chance to meet, learn and discuss the future.

Future Pow-Wow: We are planning Biotech Pow-Wow in the future, to be held in 50 states of USA, India, China, Australia, Germany and UK etc to provide people with the opportunity to see, first-hand, what the benefits, and challenges, are to expanding or establishing R&D operations in booming environment of those emerging Asian Tigers.

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