11th Linus Pauling Biotech Symposium in South San Francisco

"The promise of the Biotechnology: WEST Meets EAST for new drug discovery"
Date: Oct 30, 2006, Monday, Time: 5 to 9 pm,

This symposium is in honor of the Life and Works of Dr. Linus Pauling who won two Nobel Prizes- in 1954 for Chemistry and in 1962 for Peace.

See photos from the Symposium.

Agenda for the 11th Nobel Linus Pauling Symposium

Oct 30, 2006 "The promise of the Biotechnology: WEST meets EAST"
The goal is to build a biotech bridge between academia and industry and between USA, Europe and Hong Kong-China.
5:00-6:00 pm Networking with Dim Sum & buffet dinner
Dinner Meeting (buffet: 5 pm to 9 pm)
6:00 pm Welcome: Mr. Karl Handelsman, CMEA Ventures
Welcome: Dr. Grace Wong, Chief Scientific Officer, ActoKine, BostonSmart pitch from guests
6:30 pm 1. Keynote: Dr. Napoleone Ferrara, Genentech Fellow, Genentech
Title: Avastin: the past, the present & the future
6:45 pm 2. Thomas H. Bliss, Jr. Director, Amgen
Title: R & D: talent & resources in China
7:00 pm 3. Dr Mao Mao, Associate Director, China Project Liaison, Merck
Title: The culture barriers we are facing to develop biotechnology in China
7:15 pm 4. Keynote: Mr. Carlos Genardini, CEO, HKSP Hong Kong Science Park
Title: Hong Kong: a gateway to China
7:30 pm 5. Prof. Johan Karlberg, Director, Clinical Trial Center, HKU
Title: Clinical trials, Hong Kong vs. China.
7:45 pm 6. Dr. Thomas Li, Roche Diagnostics, Head of Asia Pacific Technology Management, Singapore
Title: Role of biomarker in diagnostic: Roche's Asia initiatives
8:00pm 7. Dr. Jingsong Wang, MD, Associate Director, Wyeth
Title: Translational medicine: Collaboration network in China
8:20 pm Panel Discussion
"The promise of the Biotechnology: WEST meets EAST"
Speakers (above) +
8. Dr. Ellen Filvaroff, Sr Scientist, Genentech
9. Dr. Hong Kui Jin, Genentech
10. Dr. Wei Jun Li, Bayer
other biotech experts
8:50 pm Smart pitch from guests
Raffle drawing (3 Prizes) by Mr. Carlos Genardini
9:00 pm Concluding remark: Karl Handelsman
Networking or Tour of Biotech Clusters (Amgen, Genentech, Rigel, Elan Pharmaceuticals & other biotech companies in South San Francisco) by Karl Handelsman and Dr Grace Wong
Oct 31, 2006
5 to 9 pm
Dinner meeting with Prof. Johan Karlberg and Biotech experts
Contact Grace at 617-797-7693
Location: SF China Town Grand Palace Restaurant
Address: 950 Grant Ave, San Francisco, CA (415-982-3705)

Article in NatureBiotech, Feb, 2006
Chinese biotech: the need for innovation and higher standards ... www.nature.com/nbt/journal/v24/n2/full/nbt0206-221.html
Nature Biotechnology 24, 221 - 222 (2006)

Grand Palace Restaurant, 359 Grand Ave, SSF (650-872-1000)

Speakers for the 11th Nobel Linus Pauling Symposium

Mr. Carlos Genardini

Mr. Carlos Genardini CEO, Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks

Mr. Genardini brings over two decades of technology management and experience to the role of CEO including four years as a vice president and manager of Motorola's Asia Pacific Group. During this time, Mr. Genardini became involved in developing the semiconductor and technology industries in Hong Kong and throughout the region. Mr. Genardini has set up and managed state-of-the-art chip design facilities in Hong Kong, Singapore and China, sat on the committees of engineering departments in the University of Hong Kong and the City University of Hong Kong, and was a founding Board member of the Provisional Hong Kong Science Park Company Ltd., which later merged into the present Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation. Mr. Genardini has a track record as an experienced executive of a major multinational corporation, knowledge of global and regional technology industries, an extensive network of contacts, and commitment and enthusiasm in helping to promote and further develop the Science Park. He is a member of the Board of the Provisional Hong Kong Science Park Company Ltd. that began the Science Park, and was the founder and CEO of Genardini & Associates, a strategic business consultancy providing market research and support along with special development work for companies looking to business in China. Prior to that Mr. Genardini was Motorola's president for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Dr. Napoleone Ferrara

Dr. Napoleone Ferrara MD, Genentech Fellow, Molecular Oncology, Genentech, Inc.

Title: Avastin: the past, the present & the future

Profile | Avastin Involvement | Education/Background | Top Scientific Papers | Awards & Honors

Napoleone Ferrara, M.D., is a Genentech Fellow in the Department of Molecular Oncology at Genentech. After a classical early education, Dr. Ferrara received his medical degree from the University of Catania Medical School in Catania, Italy. Following a residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology in Catania, Dr. Ferrara completed a research fellowship in Reproductive Endocrinology at the University of California, San Francisco. An internship year in OB/GYN at the Oregon Health Sciences University was followed by a postdoctoral research fellowship at the UCSF Cancer Research Institute. Dr. Ferrara joined Genentech as a research scientist in 1988.

Dr. Ferrara has published over 130 original research articles and 36 review articles in major international journals. He holds 14 US patents and sits as a reviewer or editorial board member for over 35 journals. His work in angiogenesis, and particularly in the discovery of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), which led to the anti-cancer drug, Avastin, has earned him many prestigious international awards, including the Prize for Research in Ophthalmic Disorders from AIRCMO, the Italian Association for Ophthalmic Research; the American-Italian Cancer Foundation Prize for Scientific Excellence in Medicine; the Bruce F. Cain Memorial Award from the American Association for Cancer Research; the Grand Prix Lefoulon-Delalande-Institut de France Award and the General Motors Cancer Research Award. Dr. Ferrara was elected to the United States National Academy of Sciences in 2006.

Dr. Ellen Filvaroff

Dr. Ellen Filvaroff Senior Scientist Molecular Oncology, Genentech

Profile | Education/Background | Top Scientific Papers | Awards & Honors

Ellen H. Filvaroff, Ph.D., is currently a Senior Scientist in the Department of Molecular Oncology at Genentech. Dr. Filvaroff earned both a Bachelor’s degree (with Honors) in Human Biology and a Master’s Degree in Biology during her four years at Stanford. She continued her training at Yale, receiving her doctorate in Human Genetics. After a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of California, San Francisco, Dr. Filvaroff joined the Endocrinology Department at Genentech.

During her productive career, Dr. Filvaroff has been an author on over 40 original research articles and is named on 38 issued or pending patents. She has delivered 39 invited presentations to audiences worldwide. Her work has garnered her many honors. A sampling of those honors includes Phi Beta Kappa award as a junior at Stanford, the Presidential Award for Academic Excellence, the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research Young Investigator Award and five special recognition awards for productivity and innovation from Genentech.

Mr. Thomas H. Bliss, Jr.

Mr. Thomas H. Bliss, Jr. Director, International Licensing, Amgen

Title: R & D: talent & resources in China

Tom Bliss joined Amgen in 2004 and is currently the Director for International Licensing. In this role, he is responsible for International Licensing, Licensing Operations oversight and the China/India R&D Initiative coordination and communication.

Prior to joining Amgen, Bliss worked within Licensing and Acquisition Analysis at Johnson+Johnson, and later directed the licensing and acquisition activity at Baxter BioScience BioPharmaceuticals business unit. Additionally, for nearly half his career, Bliss executed financing and provided merger and acquisition advisory services with investment banks Lehman Brothers, DLJ and SG Cowen.

Bliss brings a varied perspective to partnering transactions having served as an agent, advisor and principal across various types of licensing and acquisition transaction structures.

Bliss received a BA in English and Asian Studies (Mandarin Chinese) from Dartmouth College and an MBA in Finance and Marketing from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Mao Mao

Dr. Mao Mao PhD, Associate Director, Merck

Title: The culture barriers we are facing to develop biotechnology in China

Mao Mao, MD, Ph.D, is Associate Director of Oncology Research Clinical, Merck Research Laboratories, Merck & Co., Inc. Currently he coordinates extensive collaborations with Chinese institutions to promote personalized cancer therapy in China. As one of the founding members of the National Human Genome Center at Shanghai, he established the first high-throughput DNA sequencing facility and pioneered genome research in China.

Professor Johan PE Karlberg

Professor Johan PE Karlberg , MD, PhD, BSc, Director, Clinical Trials Centre, The University of Hong Kong

Professor Johan PE Karlberg has, since its establishment in 1998, been the Director of the Clinical Trials Centre (CTC), The University of Hong Kong. He has a B.Sc. in Statistics and Education (Goteborg, Sweden), a M.D. (Goteborg), and a Ph.D. in Anatomy and Cell Biology (Goteborg). He joined the Department of Paediatrics, The University of Hong Kong in 1993. Professor Karlberg's research interests cover pediatric endocrinology, biostatistics, and clinical trials; he has his name on 200+ publications and has been involved in supervising some 75 postgraduate students. The main focus of his current activities in the CTC is promotion of Good Clinical Practice (GCP) in the Faculty, in Hong Kong and in the region. Over the past years, CTC has established a large range of trial related services such as central laboratory services, research pharmacy services, project management, monitoring, IRB submission assistance, protocol development, data management and medical statistics. CTC has been, or is currently involved in 262 global clinical trials.

Dr. Thomas Li

Dr. Thomas Li Head of Asia Pacific Technology Management, Roche Singapore

Title: Role of biomarker in diagnostic: Roche's Asia initiatives

Thomas M. Li, Ph.D. is the Head of Asia Pacific Technology Management, at Roche Diagnostics in Singapore and is the former Director of Diagnostics and Biomarker Discovery at Invitrogen Corporation in Carlsbad, California.

Dr. Li received his Bachelor’s degree with honors in Chemistry, a Master’s in Physical Chemistry and his Ph.D in Biophysical Chemistry from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. He completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia.

Following his formal training, Dr. Li rose through the scientific and managerial ranks of such companies as Miles Laboratories, 3M, Syntex, Hycor and the Diagnostic Products Corporation before joining with Invitrogen and then Roche.

Dr. Li is a Fellow of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, a Fellow of the Association of Clinical Scientists, a Fellow of the National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry and a Diplomate of the European Academy of Allergology and Clinical Immunology. He has published extensively in peer-reviewed journals, as well as contributing many invited papers and book chapters.

Dr. Brian Wong

Dr. Brian Wong MD, PhD, Director, Roche

Dr. Brian Wong's work has focused on the elucidation of the molecular and cellular pathogenesis of inflammatory disorders such as arthritis and asthma and the development of novel differentiated medicines to treat those disorders. His training include a Ph.D. in Immunology from the Rockefeller University and an M.D. from Cornell University Medical College in New York City.

He currently serves as Director of Research at Roche Pharmaceutical’s Inflammation, Autoimmunity, and Transplantation Department in Palo Alto, California. There he oversees multiple small molecule programs in inflammation and allergy. Prior to this he was an Associate Director at Rigel Pharmaceuticals in South San Francisco where he was involved in the discovery of small molecule kinase inhibitors to treat host of inflammatory disorders.

Dr. Jingsong Wang

Dr. Jingsong Wang Associate Director, Wyeth PA

Title:Translational medicine: Collaboration network in China

Dr. Jingsong Wang is an Associate Director, Translational Medicine at Wyeth Research. Prior to joining Wyeth, Dr. Wang was at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School where he was an attending rheumatologist and physician-scientist. Dr. Wang had extensive experience in translational research in inflammation and autoimmune diseases spanning more than 10 years prior to moving to industry. At Wyeth, Dr. Wang leads the effort in the development of novel biomarkers and their implementation in clinical programs in inflammatory, autoimmune and musculoskeletal disease areas.

Dr. Wang is board certified in rheumatology, a diplomate of American Board of Internal Medicine. Dr. Wang’s academic appointment includes a visiting professorship in China. He is on the Research Grant Review Committee on Immunology, National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC). Dr. Wang has served as member of the expert panel for Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) congressional staff briefing on biotechnology and autoimmune diseases, Capitol Hill, Washington DC.

Eric Morfin

Eric Morfin PMP, PMO Director, Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics

Eric Morfin is a partner in Critical Skills Inc. whose mission is to increase organizational effectiveness through the establishment of Superior Thinking Skills as a company’s most sustainable competitive advantage. Critical Skills Inc. primary focus is in applying project management best practices to the Pharmaceutical / Biotech / Life Sciences industries. Mr. Morfin is currently leading the Project Management Office of Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics in the Bay Area (formerly Chiron, a leading multi-dimensional biotech company).

Eric Morfin, PMP, has been a project manager since 1987. A sought after speaker on the subject of Project Management, Portfolio Management and Critical Thinking Skills at North American and European symposiums and conferences, Mr. Morfin has been published many times in PM Magazines and Pharmaceutical publications. Currently co-author of several Project Management in Pharmaceuticals books, Mr. Morfin is an active member of several professional societies and has developed several unique seminars on Project Management in Drug Development such as “Project Management in Discovery and Preclinical” and “Project Management for Global Clinical Trials”. He is the chair of the PMI Pharmaceutical SIG and Vice Chair of the New Product Development and Metrics SIGs. He has consulted with clients in a variety of industry settings throughout North America, Europe and Asia. He has worked with the Genentech, Merck Frost, GlaxoSmithKline, Aventis, Novartis, Bristol Myers-Squibb, Biogen Idec, Millenium Pharmaceuticals, and Astrazeneca to name only a few.

Prior to partnering with Critical Skills, Mr. Morfin managed for 10 years the project management practice of a worldwide training and consulting organization headquartered in the USA. In this position, Mr. Morfin led the design, development and management of over 200 customized skill development workshops (more than 70% of them on project management). Mr Morfin has trained hundreds of users on MS Project 2002 and MS Project Server 2003 EPM solution. Mr Morfin has also trained and coached project managers at world-class pharmaceutical companies including GlaxoWellcome, Novartis, Aventis and Astrazeneca. Mr. Morfin has personally trained over 3500 people in the following critical thinking skills:

- Strategy Development and Implementation
- Problem Analysis Method *
- Project Management *
- Microsoft Project 2002/2003 *
- Strategic Decision Making *
- Leadership Development *
- Modifying Behavior Method
- Managing Involvement

*Certified as a Train-the-Trainer Instructor

Previously, he worked with a leading consulting group in the strategic field. In Europe, besides managing his own computer firm, dealing in digital animation, he created and managed an entire new division for Apple Computer. Mr. Morfin is bilingual in French and English, has traveled extensively in Europe and Asia, earned his M.B.A. in International Business in San Francisco

Dr. Jonathan Liu

Dr. Jonathan Liu DVM, PhD, Director, MedImmune

Dr. Jonathan Liu is an industrial scientist with 18 years clinical, R&D and operations experience. His has dedicated his career to manufacturing process development and project management, particularly in the areas of vaccine development, biological manufacturing, infectious disease prevention and bioanalytical technologies. He holds many patents and publishes regularly in Nature, PNAS and other peer-reviewed journals. Throughout his career he has taken a wide range of responsibilities and completed many multidisciplinary assignments successfully in R&D, regulatory affairs, quality, government contracts and international sale. His recent contributions include managing the anti-bioterrorist project by stockpiling the smallpox vaccine for U.S. federal government and developing cell culture-based live attenuated influenza vaccines. He currently works in MedImmune, Inc. and is responsible for upstream process development for a number of virus vaccines.

Rick Bott

Rick Bott PhD, Staff Scientist, Genencor (Danisco)

Rick Bott, is currently a Staff Scientist at Genencor A division of Danisco. He has more than twenty years of industrial biotechnology experience working at Genentech and Genencor. He is head of Structural Biology at Genencor and serves as a patent pertfolio technical specialist in proteases. He was the manager of a discovery technical platform which served as an incubator for exploratory projects for the Genencor-Dow Corning collaboration in Silicon Biotechnology. He has been an inventor of numerous patents in the area of protein engineering, targeting for protein therapeutics and novel protein release technology.

Dr. Charles Hsu

Dr. Charles Hsu PhD, MBA, Venture Partner

Charles has been an active venture capital investor since 1990 and joined Pappas in early 2005. He was a General Partner of the Walden Group or its affiliate, Walden International, from early 1996 through early 2003. Prior to joining Walden, he co-managed life sciences investments at Advent International, a global private equity firm based in Boston. He has served as a lead investor or board member for more than 25 life science and healthcare companies, and he was a founding investor of Ribozyme Pharmaceuticals (IPO in 1996). Some of his other realized investments include Aviron (IPO in 1996, later acquired by MedImmune); KOSAN Biosciences Inc. (IPO in 2000, Nasdaq: KOSN); and Lexicon Genetics (IPO in 2000, Nasdaq: LEXG).

In addition to his Pappas fund management responsibilities, Charles is a director of Asia Renal Care, the leading independent dialysis services company in Asia, of which he was a co-founding investor, and he is Chairman of Eureka! Pharmaceuticals, a privately-held life sciences company based in San Francisco and Shanghai.

Mr. Karl Handelsman

Mr. Karl Handelsman Managing Director, CMEA Ventures

Karl Handelsman joined CMEA Ventures in February 1999. Karl has been involved with numerous CMEA investments such as: Ambrx, Ensemble Discovery, Ilypsa, Kalypsys, Maxygen, Phenomix, Rigel, Syrrx, and Xenoport. Prior to joining CMEA, Karl was one of the first employees of Tularik, Inc., a drug discovery company, where his business development role spanned corporate partnering, technology licensing, and operations. Karl was also one of the first employees of Whitehead Institute, a premier research organization within Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT); and he worked in business development at Millennium Pharmaceuticals. Karl holds graduate degrees from both MIT and Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Grace Wong

Dr. Grace Wong PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, ActoKine Therapeutics

Dr. Grace Wong has worked for Genentech, Millennium, AstraZeneca and Serono on new drug discovery in a variety of therapeutic areas. Dr. Wong did a PhD at The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research in Australia. In the US, Dr. Wong did a postdoc with Dr. David Goeddel at Genentech. In 1996, Dr. Wong became the Head of Apoptosis Research at Millennium Pharmaceuticals. In 1998, she joined AstraZeneca as Section Head of Molecular Genetics and identified genes for Alzheimer's disease. Since AstraZeneca was moving to Delaware, Dr. Wong joined Serono in 1999 as Head of Functional Genomics. She has been awarded 13 scholarships from Hong Kong, Australia and USA and received 5 Recognition Awards from Genentech. She was invited to present at 139 international conferences including the Nobel Symposium (Sweden, 1994). She has published 91 papers and filed 27 patents (11 issued). Seven of her publications (3 Nature, 1 Science, 3 Cell, 3 PNAS) received 700-950 citations. In 2003, Dr. Wong has founded Actokine Therapeutics (www.actokine.com) for new drug advancements for biodefense projects (radioprotection against dirty bomb and protection against a broad spectrum of viruses). She has also founded Student Vision for helping students of all ages in biotech science through Nobel Linus Pauling Biotech Symposium (www.studentvision.org).


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