9th Nobel Pauling Symposium: Hong Kong Science Park
April 7-9, 2006, Hyatt Regency McCormick Place, 2233 S. Martin L. King Dr.
Chicago, Phone 312-567-1236, (before Bio-2006)
Hyatt Regency McCormick Place
Map & Directions

Friday, April 7      Hyatt Regency, Chicago
5 pm to 9 pm (Rm # CC 24 BC)
4-5 pm Registration, Networking, Buffet dim sum (5-8 pm)
5:30 pm Welcome: Dr. Grace Wong, CSO, ActoKine Therapeutics
5:40 pm Self introduction
6:00 pm Biotech Pharma who is who
6:30 pm Keynote: Carlos Genardini, CEO, Hong Kong Science Park
7:00 pm Networking and Buffet dinner
7:30 pm Expert’s View: Get a foot in the Biotech door
Dr. Alex Konstantinidis, Abbott, Dr. Sherwin Shang, Abbott & Carlos Genardini, HKSP, Dr. David He, Abbott, Dr. Jinhe Li, Abbott, experts from Nature and NatureJobs.
Speakers from Biotech and Pharmaceutical companies
8:00 pm Networking
9:00 pm End

Saturday, April 8       Hyatt Regency McCormick Place, Chicago
1 pm to 9 pm (Rm # CC 20 C)
1:00 pm Registration & Networking (Coffee, Tea)
1:50 pm Welcome: Dr. Grace Wong
2:00 pm Keynote: Dr. Hing L Sham, Abbott, Inventor of 2 HIV drugs, Abbott. Title: Discovery of Two Generations of HIV Protease Inhibitors
3:00 pm Networking
4:00 pm BioDiscovery seminars
Dr. Eric Xing, CK life Science, Hong Kong (30 min)
Dr. Grace Wong, ActoKine Therapeutics, AK-1 for cancer and AK-2 for virus prevention (20 min)
5:00 pm Networking
6:00 pm Networking & Buffet dinner
7:00 pm Biotech Pharma who is who & Smart Pitch
Ask the experts: Mix good business with exciting science
Dr. Tahua Yang, Abbott, + Dr. Sonia Wallman, NHBiotech, Dr. David He, Abbott, Dr. Jieyi Wang, Abbott, Dr. Hing Sham, Abbott, Ben Crowe, NatureJobs, experts from Nature and NatureJobs.
8:00 pm Smart Pitch & Biotech Pharma who is who
8:20 pm Concluding Remarks: Dr. David He, Abbott, Chicag
8:30 pm Networking

Sunday, April 9      Hyatt Regency, Chicago
7 am to 12 pm (Rm # CC 24)
7-9 am Networking and Buffet breakfast
8:00 am Biotech Pharma Who is Who
8:30 am Ocean of learning: Strategies for getting a job from Biotech and Pharma. Moderator: Ben Crowe, NatureJobs
Speakers: Dr. Alex Konstantinidis, Abbott, Dr. Herman Surjono; Abbott, Dr. Sonia Wallman, James Iannoni, Merck, Nature and NatureJobs experts
10:00 am Sky of career advice from Biotech and Pharma experts
11:00 am Networking
12:00 pm End

Speakers for the 9th Nobel Linus Pauling Symposium, Chicago

Carlos Genardini

Mr. Carlos Genardini CEO, Hong Kong Science Park

Mr. Genardini brings over two decades of technology management and experience to the role of CEO including four years as a vice president and manager of Motorola’s Asia Pacific Group. During this time, Mr. Genardini became involved in developing the semiconductor and technology industries in Hong Kong and throughout the region. Mr. Genardini has set up and managed state-of-the-art chip design facilities in Hong Kong, Singapore and China, sat on the committees of engineering departments in the University of Hong Kong and the City University of Hong Kong , and was a founding Board member of the Provisional Hong Kong Science Park Company Ltd. , which later merged into the present Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation.

Mr. Genardini has a track record as an experienced executive of a major multinational corporation, knowledge of global and regional technology industries, an extensive network of contacts, and commitment and enthusiasm in helping to promote and further develop the Science Park.

He is a member of the Board of the Provisional Hong Kong Science Park Company Ltd. that began the Science Park, and was the founder and CEO of Genardini & Associates, a strategic business consultancy providing market research and support along with special development work for companies looking to business in China. Prior to that Mr. Genardini was Motorola’s president for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Grace Wong, PhD

Grace Wong PhD, Founder & CSO of ActoKine Therapeutics, Founder of Student Vision

Dr. Grace Wong has worked for Genentech, Millennium, AstraZeneca and Serono on new drug discovery in a variety of therapeutic areas. Dr. Wong did a PhD at The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research in Australia. In the US, Dr. Wong did a postdoc with Dr. David Goeddel at Genentech and she advanced basic research discoveries to product development in 1993. In 1996, Dr. Wong became the Head of Apoptosis Research at Millennium Pharmaceuticals.

In 1998, she joined AstraZeneca as Section Head of Molecular Genetics and identified potential genes for Alzheimer's disease. Since AstraZeneca was moving to Delaware, Dr. Wong joined Serono in 1999 as Head of Functional Genomics and Director of Cytokine Genomics. She has been awarded 13 scholarships and received 5 Recognition Awards from Genentech. She was invited to present at 139 international conferences including the Nobel Symposium (Sweden, 1994). She has published 89 papers and filed 27 patents (11 issued). Seven of her publications (3 Nature, 1 Science, and 3 Cell) have received over 500 citations.

In 2003, Dr. Wong has founded Actokine Therapeutics (www.actokine.com) for drug indication switch and drug advancements for biodefense projects (radioprotection against dirty bomb and protection against a broad spectrum of virus). She has also founded Student Vision for helping the growth of students of all ages in biotech science (www.studentvision.org).

Hing Leung Sham, PhD

Hing Leung Sham Ph.D
Director/Distinguished Research Fellow
Metabolic Disease Research, Global Pharmaceutical R and D, Abbott

Dr. Hing Leung Sham, Ph.D received a B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Minnesota, an M.S. in Physical Organic Chemistry from Iowa State University, and a Ph.D in Synthetic Organic Chemistry from the University of Hawaii. He has worked for many years in medicinal chemistry at Abbott. Dr. Sham is the primary inventor of Kaletra® (lopinavir/ritonavir), the well-known advanced-generation protease inhibitor for the treatment of HIV infection, and a co-inventor of Norvir® (ritonavir), Abbott's first protease inhibitor drug.

He currently directs Abbott's medicinal chemistry research efforts in metabolic diseases, including diabetes and obesity. Dr. Sham has published many scientific articles and is a named inventor on 60 issued and 10 pending U.S. patents. He has served as an editor and reviewer, and is a member of many scientific associations. Dr. Sham received the 2003 Heroes of Chemistry Award from the American Chemical Society (for his Kaletra discovery), the National Inventor of the Year award from the Intellectual Property Owners Association (for Norvir), and twice the Inventor of the Year award from the Intellectual Property Law Association of Chicago (for Norvir and Kaletra).


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