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November 27, 2003

5th Nobel Pauling Biotech Symposium

Organizer: Student Vision (
Sponsors: LRIG, ActoKine, Pfizer, Lilly, Biogen, Antigenics, BoNature, Hypromatrix & CytoKing

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Grace Wong, PhD ActoKine Therapeutics, New Therapeutic Indications of Cytokines in Cancer & Viral Prevention.
Chair: Maggie Zhang, PhD Schering-Plough
Mark Kon, PhD BU, Issues in Microarray Analysis
Dim Sum & Break
Chair: Yi-Ping Li, PhD Forsyth Institute
Anton Beletskii, PhD Abbott
Development of RNA interference (RNAi) method for drug target validation
Chair: Ramesh Kashi, PhD, Antigenics
Li-An Yeh, PhD Harvard
High-throughput drug discovery
Dim Sum & Break
Chair: Sunkwei Huang, PhD ActivBiotics
Daniel Hu, PhD CEO, Bonature
Develping a novel protein with bioactivity to increase cytokine production for anti-microbial infection and anti-allergy therapy.
Chair: Victor Shifrin PhD, Surfacelogix
Erdogan Memili, DVM, MS, PhD GTC Biotherapeutics
Control of gene expression during embryonic development
Chair: Alan Derr, PhD Serono
Amir A. Handzel, PhD Beyond Genomics
System Biology in Practice
Panel Discussion:
Academia vs. Biotech Industry: Career Development and Collaboration
Academia vs. Biotech Industry: Research Funding and Patenting
Strategies for finding a job, a customer or a collaborator

Smart pitch from every one

The goal of Nobel Pauling Biotech Symposium is to offer opportunities for life-long learners to share cutting-edge biotechnologies and to network with scientific leaders and decision-makers one-on-one.

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