Student Vision Event Photos

November 27, 2003: Nobel Pauling Symposium (see agenda)

1. RNA on the License Plate
of Dr. Anton Beletskii (Abbott)

2. Dr. Darith Phat (iMed) introduced
Dr. Daniel Hu (BoNature)

3. Dr. Victor Shifrin (Surfacelogix) introduced
Dr. Erdogan Memili (GTC Biotherapeutics)

4. Dr. Alan Derr (Serono) introduced
Dr. Amir Handzel (Beyond Genomics)

5. Speakers from the 5th Nobel Pauling Biotech Symposium
Thanksgiving Day: Nov 27, 2003 at China Pearl

6. Panel Discussion

7. Question by Professor Yi-Ping Li
(Forsyth Institute)

8. Active participation from audience

9. Panel Discussion

10. Dr. Anton Beletskii (Abbott), Dr. Erdogan Memili (GTC Biotherapeutics), Dr. Amir A. Handzel (Beyond Genomics)

11. Dr. Victor Shifrin (Surfacelogix) & Dr. Paul DiMilla (Biosystem, LRIG)

12. Panel Discussion

13. Panel Discussion

14. Dr. Li-An Yeh (Harvard), Dr. Daniel Hu (BoNature), Professor Mark Kon (BU)

15. Seminar by Dr. Anton Beletskii (Abbott)

16. Dr. Alan Derr (Serono):
Happy Program Moderator

17. Dim Sum for Everyone


19. Dr. Mark Kon (BU) got a Pauling Mug from Dr. Maggie Zhang (Schering-Plough)

20. Dr. Li-An Yeh (Harvard) & Dr. Ramesh Kashi (Antigenics)









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